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The NGOs listed on this page constitute a partial sampling of the thousands of environmental NGOs out there; the following links contain additional listings:

     ℹ> NGOs @ UNEP (pdf listing at page bottom)  

     ℹ> Environmental NGOs @ Wikipedia

     ℹ> Environment @ Charity Navigator

Below, NGOs are categorized according to "primary focus," but keep in mind that sorting them in this way risks dramatic oversimplification. For example, one of the largest and most widely recognized NGOs, WWF, could be reasonably listed as nature-focused, education-focused, economy-focused, etc. This holds true for many if not most (if, ultimately, not all) NGOs. But I'm doing it here because there is a certain efficiency and logic to it all. I plan at some point to make a master alphabetical listing of all NGOs.

Climate change-focused NGOs

Bird-focused NGOs

Forest-focused NGOs

Chemicals & waste associations

Agriculture-focused NGOs

Water-focused NGOs

Marine-focused NGOs