international environmental information

A field guide to who's who in global environmental politics

     Countries & national governments

               • including ministries, departments, agencies

     Subnational governments     

               • e.g., states, provinces, counties, cities, municipalities, towns

     Intergovernmental organizations

     Indigenous peoples & organizations

     Private sector

               • Companies, firms

               • Industry associations

               • Consultancies

     Civil society  

               • Individuals & citizens

               • Communities & community organizations

               • Non-governmental organizations

               • Networks

               • Professional associations

               • Environmental skeptics & critics

               • Museums, science centers, zoos, aquaria & botanical gardens

               • Foundations & grantmakers


    Research & education sector

               • Academic institutions

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               • Research institutions

               • Natural scientists

               • Social scientists

               • Epistemic communities


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Also see the Directory of Environmental Web Sites for an expansive guide to environmental institutions on the web.