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Migratory species & migration

Global cooperation

Convention on Migratory Species (CMS, Bonn, 1979)

     • This is the world's most comprehensive international framework for migratory species conservation.

     • At the CMS homepage, hovering over the CMS Instruments tab...

     ...links you to seven formal Agreements, nineteen Memoranda of Understanding, and three Special Species Initiatives.



Wild Migration

      • This Australia-based organization "builds the participation capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts, NGOs and CSOs

          around the world to secure international wildlife conservation."


Global Registry of Migratory Species

Migrations in Motion @ TNC


Journey North

Migration Science & Mystery: A Distance Learning Adventure

Winging Northward: A Shorebird's Journey

Migratory species conservation by geography

      • The following listing covers activities outside of those cunducted under the CMS.

Asia & Australasia

East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership

Western Hemisphere

Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiative

      As of July 27, 2017, the WHMSI page at USFS was no longer available.

      • A Google search for the current status of WHMSI came up empty; any information on this would be greatly appreciated!

     • WHMSI @ OAS

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)


North America

1916 US-Canada Migratory Bird Treaty

     Migratory Bird Treaty Act @ US Fish and Wildlife Service

     Migratory Bird Treaty Act

     U.S. Migratory Bird Conservation Commission


     Flyway Councils

          Pacific Flyway Council

          Central Flyway Council

          Mississippi Flyway Council

          Atlantic Flyway Council

     Flyways @ USFWS

     Flyways @ DU

     Flyways of the Americas @ NAS

Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the Americas @ Birdlife International

     • Bird Studies Canada

      Canadian Nature Federation

     National Audubon Society

     • CONABIO site

International Migratory Bird Day, Environment for the Americas

International Shorebird Conservation @ US Shorebird Conservation Partnership

Joint Ventures

     • Directory


Copper River International Migratory Bird Initiative

North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) [Main site]

     State of North Amerca's Birds 2016 report

     State of North Amerca's Birds 2017 report

     NABCI - Mexico

North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP)

     • 2012 NAWMP Revision

          - This site seems not to have been updated since ~2014.

     • NAWMP @ United States Fish & Wildlife Service

     • NAWMP Canada


     • NAWMP @ Ducks Unlimited

Partners in Flight

US Government

     Migratory Bird Program @ US Fish and Wildlife Service

          - This website contains a plethora of information on migratory birds.

          - The Management page (see left nav-bar) contains many helpful links to domestic and international programs.          

     Park Flight @ US National Park Service

     Wings Across the Americas @ US Forest Service

Canada Government

     Migratory Birds @ Environment and Climate Change Canada