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Climate change: ABCs


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Art, theater & visuals

Climate Change Theatre Action

Climate Visualizations @

Carbon Visuals

Global Warming Art

Tardigrade Stage

Underwater Art by Jason DeCaires Taylor



Bibliography on climate change & its impacts on biodiversity (ASIL Wildlife Interest Group)

Bibliography on climate change and botanic gardens [Australia]

Biodiversity bibliography: Ecology, economics & policy [click to "climate change"]

Black carbon

Black carbon @ CCAC

Black carbon: A global presence @ NASA

Black carbon @ USEPA

Black carbon and ozone as Arctic climate forcers @ AMAP

Black Carbon Network

Black Carbon Quantification Methodology

Expert Group on Black Carbon & Methane @ Arctic Council

Methane & Black Carbon @ CATF


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International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP)

Cap and Trade initiatives

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Carbon capture and sequestration/storage

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Carbon markets & offsets

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Carbon tax & pricing

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Climate intervention (aka, geoengineering & climate engineering)

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Climate justice, ethics, equity, & common but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR)

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Climate refugees

Climate Change, Environment and Migration Alliance (CCEMA)

Environmental Change and Forced Migration Scentarios (EACH-FOR)


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Coral reefs

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Data visualization


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Electronic mailing lists/listservs


     • Joining this electronic mailing list is a great way to keep up on international developments on climate change.

Equity (see Climate justice, equity, & common but differentiated responsibilities above)

Finance, funding & markets

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Forests & climate change

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Funding & Finance

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Greenhouse gas (GHG) & carbon emissions

Carbon Dioxiode Information Analysis Center

Carbon emissions embodied in international trade @ OECD

Global Carbon Atlas

Global Carbon Budget

Keeling Curve @ Scripps

Government agencies

UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee: Climate change

US Geological Survey: Climate Change Research

History & timelines

Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer Weart

     Timeline (milestones)

UNFCCC timeline

Human rights

Humor & satire


Indigenous people

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Individuals (personal websites)

Hansen, James

Mann, Michael

McKibben, Bill

International initiatives

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Legal actions @ Our Children's Trust

Sabine Center for Climate Change Law


NDCs/INDCs - (Intended) Nationally Determined Contributions

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Ocean acidification

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"Skepticism" (then scroll down)

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Sea level rise (SLR) & Flooding

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Timelines (see History & timelines above)


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Urban areas

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