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If you are new to the issue of climate change, the extent of resources on this page (and associated climate pages) can be overwhelming. Don't worry: it's overwhelming to those who have been in this field for their entire careers. But "where to start?" is a very reasonable question. Fortunately, there's a very reasonable answer: the "Summary for Policymakers" of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). About 30 pages long, this report represents the core commonly held understanding and assessment of climate change proferred by the scientific community.

Main page - Climate ABCs

General reference/information resources


Climate change @ USEPA

Climate change @ CIESIN

Common Sense Climate Index @ NASA

Current Results: Weather & science facts

Skeptical Science



Art & visuals

Climate Visualizations @

Carbon Visuals

Global Warming Art

Underwater Art by Jason DeCaires Taylor


Bibliography on climate change & its impacts on biodiversity (ASIL Wildlife Interest Group)

Bibliography on climate change and botanic gardens [Australia]

Biodiversity bibliography: Ecology, economics & policy [click to "climate change"]

Black carbon

Black carbon @ C2ES

Black carbon @ CCAC

Black carbon: A global presence @ NASA

Black carbon @ USEPA

Black carbon and ozone as Arctic climate forcers @ AMAP

Black Carbon Network

Black Carbon Quantification Methodology

Expert Group on Black Carbon & Methane @ Arctic Council

Methane & Black Carbon @ CATF


Cap and Trade initiatives

Carbon capture and sequestration/storage

Carbon markets & offsets

Carbon tax & pricing

Climate intervention (aka, geoengineering & climate engineering)




Electronic mailing lists/listservs


     • Joining this electronic mailing list is a great way to keep up on international developments on climate change.


Climate Equity Reference Calculator

Finance, funding & markets

Flooding: see Sea level rise (SLR)

Forests & climate change

Funding & Finance

Greenhouse gas (GHG) & carbon emissions

Carbon Dioxiode Information Analysis Center

Carbon emissions embodied in international trade @ OECD

Global Carbon Atlas

Global Carbon Budget

Government agencies

UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee: Climate change

US Geological Survey: Climate Change Research


Discovery of Global Warming by Spencer Weart

International initiatives


Legal actions @ Our Children's Trust

Sabine Center for Climate Change Law

Modeling, assessments & data visualization

Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) @ WRI

Climate Explorer

Climate Hot Map @ UCS

Climate Wizard @ TNC


NDCs/INDCs - (Intended) Nationally Determined Contributions

"Skepticism" (then scroll down)

Sea level rise (SLR) & Flooding

Map resource:

Map resource: Surging Seas Risk Finder

Map resource: Sea Level Rise Viewer

Map resource: Sea Level Rise Mapper @ Scenic Hudson

Map resource: FEMA Flood Map Service Center

CU Sea Level Research Group

Sea Change: Boston

Sea level @ NASA

Sea Level Rise @ CSIRO

Sea Level Rise @ Smithsonian

Sea Level Rise @ Think Progress

Sea Level Rise @ USEPA

Sea Level Rise @ WXshift

Sea Level Rise @ Yale Climate Connections

Seasteading Instutite

Surging Seas @ Climate Central



Urban areas (then scroll down)

A stroll down memory lane: Here's a link to a snapshot of EPA's former main webpage on climate change.