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Why single out "biodiversity impacts" from the panoply of climate change issues?

For several years, I ran an online resource called "The Conservation & Climate Change Clearinghouse," which focused on the effects of climate change on biodiversity. But as the site grew, it became increasingly clear that the distinction between a "climate change impact on biodiversity" and a "climate change impact on humans" was not at all straightforward, and that the broad subcategory that applied was not so much biodiversity impacts as it was climate change adaptation.

This was a key insight made in the construction of the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE), which is now a key source of information in this realm—whether you are thinking of it in terms of climate adaptation or biodiversity impacts. I am still transferring over links from the old Clearinghouse since they are structured in a different way than at CAKE and are still useful, but CAKE is nonetheless your best starting point for resources on both adaptation and biodiversity as they relate to climate change.


— Biodiversity conservation