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Fish, fisheries & marine life

Conventions & initiatives @ Marine

General information

Census of Marine Life



     I. Intergovernmental     

          Food & Agriculture Organization

               Regional Fishery Bodies

               Fisheries and Aquaculture Department

              State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture

     II. North America

          Fisheries & marine conservation @ US Dept. of State

          Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

          National Fish Habitat Partnership


     III. NGOs

          American Fisheries Society

          Blue Ventures

         Global Fishing Watch

          Marine Fish Conservation Network

          North American Native Fishes Association

          Oceanic Defense

          World Fisheries Trust

          Trout Unlimited

     IV. Seafood industry

          National Fisheries Institute

Sustainable fisheries

Better Seafood Board

Good Fish Guide @ Marine Conservation Society

Marine Stewardship Council

Sea Around Us

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Seafood Industry Research Fund


Island Creek Oyster Foundation

Coral reefs

Coral Watch

Global Coral Reef Alliance

International Coral Reef Initiative

International Coral Reef Action Network

     • Website is corrupted as of November 2017.

NOAA's Coral Health and Monitoring Program

Shark and Coral Conservation Trust (Australia)

Marine mammals

US Marine Mammal Commission


Cetacean Society International

Defending Whales @ IFAW

International Whaling Commission (IWC, 1946)

Kula Naia - Wild Dolphin Research Foundation Inc.

Omura's Whale Project

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)



Global Shark Conservation @ Pew Trusts


Pelagic Shark Research Foundation

Predators in Peril

Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

Shark Alliance (archived project)

Shark and Coral Conservation Trust (Australia)

Shark Angels

Shark Conservation Society

Shark Friendly Marinas

Shark Research & Conservation @ University of Miami

Shark Research Institute

Shark Savers

Shark Trust


Sharks & Rays  @ Project Aware

Stop Shark Finning

Support Our Sharks (SOS) Ocean Conservation Society

White Shark Trust

Sharks @ WildAid


Atlantic Salmon Federation

     Canadian site

Nova Scotia Salmon Association



How do you carve up water? Imprecisely.

So keep in mind that water topics will flow freely across four fluid categories:

Freshwater           Fish, fisheries & marine life

Marine             Transborder watercourses