international environmental information

Marine environment


Conventions, organizations & initiatives

International Maritime Organization

Food & Agriculture Organization

Global Ocean Commission

Global Ocean Refuge System

International Maritime Organization


UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

     Straddling Stocks Convention

     Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP)

World Oceans Day

Regional Seas Programme @ UNEP


Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

High North Alliance (Marine Mammals)

International Oceans Institute - Malta Operational Centre

Marine Conservation Alliance

Marine Conservation Science Institute

Marine Conservation Institute

Marine Conservation Society [UK]

MARLISCO (Marine Litter in European Seas: Social Awareness and Co-responsibility)

New England Aquarium


Ocean Alliance

Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Foundation

Ocean Wise

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Sea Life Trust


Taskforce on Ocean Governance @ Earth System Governance

Climate change & oceans (see also Ocean Acidification below)

Ocean & Climate initiatives Alliance


Marine Discovery (University of Arizona)

Ocean Science Adventures

Marine protected areas (MPAs)

Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES)

MPA Global

Marine Pollution

Dangers of plastic pollution to marine life @

Ocean Cleanup

Plastic Pollution Coalition  

UN Environment (UNEP):

     - Clean Seas

     - Global Partnership on Marine Litter

Vancouver Aquarium:

     - Ocean Pollution Research Program

     - Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Ocean acidification

International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification

NOAA Ocean Acidification Program

Ocean acidification @ Ocean Foundation

Ocean acidification @ PMEL

Ocean acidification @ UNESCO

Ocean acidification @ WHOI


US Marine Mammal Commission

Alaska Marine Conservation Council

How do you carve up water? Imprecisely.

So keep in mind that water topics will flow freely across four fluid categories:

Freshwater           Fish, fisheries & marine life

Marine             Transborder watercourses