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Land: Connectivity & large landscape conservation (LLC)

Programs & institutions

Center for Landscape Conservation Planning [University of Florida]

Center for Large Landscape Conservation (CLLC)

Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group (CCSG)

     • This is the key international working group on connectivity.

     • CCSG website is hosted by Conservation Corridor (see link below).

     • CCSG hosts a global listing of "connectivity landscapes" called Connetivity in Action.

Connectivity Policy Coalition @ Wildlands Network

Conservation Corridor

    • A key information nexus for connectivity science.

Conservation Alliance


Futurescapes [UK]

Global Landscapes Forum

Half-Earth Project @ E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

Landscape Conservation website @ NAASF & USDA-Northeastern Area

Landscape Scale Conservation @ Wildlife Trusts [UK]

Living Landscape Observer

     • "To provide observations and information on the emerging fields of landscape scale conservation, heritage preservation, and

          sustainable community development."

Open Space Institute (OSI)

Network for Landscape Conservation

Wildlands Network

     • Originally The Wildlands Project (TWP), this was the modern environmental era's first "large landscape conservation" initiative.

USA focus

Landscape Conservation Cooperative Network

     LCCN in action "story map"

Landscape Conservation website @ NAASF & USDA-Northeastern Area

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS):

     Landscape Conservation Initiatives

     Regional Conservation Partnership Program

     Working Lands for Wildlife

U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition


Globescapes @ CLLC

Selected information & publications

GIS tools for connectivity, corridor, or habitat modeling @ CorridorDesign

Lincoln Institute for Land Policy. 2010. Large landscape conservation: A strategic framework for policy and action.

USNPS. Scaling up: Collaborative approaches to large landscape Conservation.

Landscape-scale conservation [Wikipedia]

Future of Landscape Scale Conservation in Europe (2016)

Hands Across Borders 2016 conference