international environmental information


I. Click here for an alphabetically sorted "comprehensive" listing of periodicals.

"Comprehensive" is an overstatement; no single listing of environmental periodicals seems to be available (at least, I haven't found it, and I've been looking). However, an additional large number of periodicals can be found here:

    ℹ> Environmental periodicals (Wikipedia)

     > Literary outlets for environmental writing

II. A few select "general interest" environmental periodicals

AIMS Environmental Science

Annual Review of Environment and Resources


     • Formerly Conservation Magazine

Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

E/The Environmental Magazine

Earth Interactions

Electronic Journal of Biotechnology (formerly Biopolicy Journal)

Endangered Species UPDATE

Endangered Species & Wetland Report

Environment Magazine

Environmental Pollution & Protection

Environmental Practice

Journal of Human Rights and the Environment

Mother Earth News

Natural History


People & the Planet

Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal

Sustainable Development

Yes! (Planet section)

III. Institutional periodicals

Audubon @ National Audubon Society

Catalyst @ Union of Concerned Scientists

Cultural Survival Quarterly @ Cultural Survival

Defenders @ Defenders of Wildlife

Nature Conservancy @ Nature Conservancy

National Parks @ National Parks & Conservation Association

National Wildlife @ National Wildlife Federation

OnEarth @ Natural Resources Defense Council

PEEReview @ Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

PlentyAccess @ NBII

SCB Newsletter @ Society for Conservation Biology

Sierra @ Sierra Club

Periodicals by topic

Periodicals sorted by topic are found throughouth At each of the links below, scan/scroll down to the yellow- background box (like this one).

     ↳Global environmental politics & law

     ↳Indigenous peoples


     ↳Global public health

     ↳Climate change

     ↳Stratospheric ozone depletion



     ↳Urban areas



     ↳Conservation evidence

     ↳Environmental economics+

     ↳Environmental education

     ↳Environmental justice

     ↳Environmental history

     ↳Environmental thinking (ethics, etc.)