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The periodicals that are listed below are divided in four broad categories:

          A. alphabetically sorted "master list,"

          B. sorted by institutional type,

          C. sorted by topic, and

          D. general environmental periodicals.

A. Alphabetically sorted "master list" of periodicals [Click here]

"Master list" is an overstatement; no single comprehensive listing of environmental periodicals seems to be available. However, an additional large number of periodicals can be found at the following two links:

     ℹ> Environmental periodicals (Wikipedia)

     ℹ> List of environmental periodicals @ EnviroInfo

B. Most periodicals sorted by INSTITUTIONAL TYPE

Professional Society periodicals

PlentyAccess (NBII)

SCB Newsletter (SCB)

C. Sorted by TOPIC

• At each of the links below, scan/scroll down to the section on "Periodicals" highlighted in a yellow-background box.

     ↳Global environmental politics & law

     ↳Climate change

     ↳Environmental economics+

     ↳Environmental health

     ↳Environmental education

     ↳Environmental ethics, philosophy & religion

     ↳Environmental justice

     ↳Environmental history



     ↳Urban areas