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Welcome to, an information nexus categorizing hundreds of international environmental websites (and more).

The site began as both a resource for my students and a functional alternative to my grab-bag of web bookmarks. I used to call it an electronic "pit," but over time it's become more of an e-pile. The site is very much a work-in-progress, and the rapidly unfolding pace of international environmental developments entails a permanent state of under construction. As some near-empty pages will indicate, there are many holes waiting to be filled; no doubt, there are numerous holes still waiting to be identified.*

In terms of navigational guideposts, when you see the international icon for information:


...this means that the associated link is to an external website that conisists of another set of links (I'm more than happy to let others do the sorting). And when you see:

    • This... are seeing my personal highlights, explanatory notes, pontifications, and occasional obfuscations. While I am trying to create an "objective" (all disclaimers apply) compilation on this site, I can't refrain from injecting my highly subjective (no disclaimers or quotation marks necessary) commentary here and there. There's very little of this now, but I plan to do more (apologies in advance).

...or this...

• The categories reflect only one perspective on international environmental issues; there are many other ways to organize the overwhelmingly broad topic of "international environmental information." That said, the breakdown in the rightrighthand navigation bar is fairly typical of what you'll see in the literature.

• While I'm working to fix a sizeable number of outdated links, a quick cut-&-paste into a web search is likely to get you where you want to go (or to the news that whatever you found of interest has gone defunct).

• Please don't hesitate to send me updates of any kind ( Alacrity in email replies is not my thing, but I will get to your input eventually and I'll let you know when (and how...or why not) I've incorporate your suggestions.

If this website has miraculously changed your life for the better...or you are looking to unload that unpleasant lump of cash in your wallet...please send a generous contribution to one of the two following organizations:

                         Bat Conservation International

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Finally, if you've read this far and haven't fallen comatose at your computer screen, I defy you to take a look at my author page here or some of the courses that I teach here. Finally, here is a page linking to some academic materials I've developed for my classes.


*An analogy to Swiss cheese would be insulting not only to the Swiss, but to all cheese. And if you find the site too limited in its topical coverage, geographic breadth, and political insight, try here.

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The righthand navigation bar sums up the type and extent of information at Although densely packed, it nonetheless reflects some loose semblance of order.

Start with this top GEP link if you are looking for key resources on international environmental conflict & collaboration.


The "Climate Change Hub" is an initial attempt to sort through and organize the vast cornucopia of climate-related information on the Web.  

Sometimes when you are sent to a different page on, you'll need to scroll down to find what you are looking for, in which case you'll see:

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